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Review Policy

Before you decide to send your review request to me, check over some of my posts. Get a feel for my style and content, ensure that it's what you're looking for (for indie authors check out reviews marked with Indie, or, if you're on desktop, check out the Indie Books label). If you've done that, welcome!

What Do I Accept?

Formats: I accept most formats, from physical to electronic. For traditionally published works I'm more partial to physical, and for self-published or indie works I prefer electronic, mobi. especially.

Genres: I typically love all genres, so instead of listing those, I'll give a general idea of what I'm unlikely to accept:
Novels built exclusively to further some sort of political agenda (feminism, religion, etc.)
Otherwise, I'm pretty open.

How Do I Rate And Review?

Each novel I read gets a star rating:
5/5 Stars = Pretty darn awesome. I love it, and I'm not afraid to sing it from the rooftops.
4.5/5 Stars = I'll dream of this book and its brilliance, but at the outskirts are a couple issues.
4/5 Stars = Great novel, with a few issues that can be ignored.
3.5/5 Stars = We're friends, the novel and I, but there are a few bruises in our relationship.
3/5 Stars = Good book, overall enjoyable, but with a couple persistent problems.
2.5/5 Stars = I like it, but there are more than a few problems that refuse to let me go.
2/5 Stars = It's okay. My issues with the novel outweigh the praise.
1.5/5 Stars = Uh oh... Has redeemable qualities, but definitely not my thing.
1/5 Stars = Cannot fathom this novel's existence in my life.

How I review is simple: I begin with a small introduction that gives minimal information on the novel and how I feel about it, just enough to lead the reader through the rest of the review; I'll then include a synopsis, whether of my own making (to save room when a book's blurb is too big) or from the novel itself; then comes the meat of my review, which is broken up to include five parts: Plot, Pace, Characters, Writing, and an Overall look.

My reviews also contain links to the novel on Goodreads (for those who want to check out other reviews), Amazon (for those who wish to buy the novel), and the author's website (frequented social media pages or blogs are used in a website's absence).

What Do I Look For In A Request?

When I receive a request, personally, I'm looking for something short and concise. All I need is the synopsis and links to informative pages. I don't mind a quick hello and polite niceties, but if your request contains paragraphs of how you think I'll 'adore' your novel, I'm likely to move on.

If sending an e-book, please ensure it's mobi. format.

What Can You Expect From Me?

Unfortunately, I can't reply to every request, so if I don't reply within a maximum of two weeks, I'm likely not capable or interested in the novel being sent (sorry, folks, if I could read all the books, I would).

If I do reply, I'm interested, but again, there's no assurance that I'll take the book on and review it. I might ask a few questions if the information provided doesn't answer them all. If I do take the novel on, it will receive a review. I review honestly and objectively, with clear reasons behind any opinion I take. I do this in my free time, so be sure when you send a request through. Typically, it can take 2-4 weeks for a review to be posted, but I will let you know when it's up (don't badger me). I post the review to my blog and Goodreads (Amazon if requested), and share it across my social media pages.

Contact Me

Send review requests through to:

I am currently not taking review requests.

Other places you can find me are listed below:

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