Monday, 4 June 2018

Where The Hell Have I Been?


So, I've been gone for a bit, and by a bit I mean almost a year (what!?).

I must have a good reason, right? I love reading, I love reviewing, I love being a part of the book community, I must have died and only been recently resurrected. Well, no such luck. I just haven't set aside the time to read in a while. I've been lazy and preoccupied. I moved home, moved back, changed jobs, lost jobs, and pretty crappy life stuff just popped into the picture and pushed everything else off to the side.

Not anymore, I hope. My motivation has been on the fritz lately, but I do plan to read more routinely. Whether or not that'll happen remains to be seen, but I gotta hold out hope.

So, to be a little preemptive, forgive me for my rusty blogging skills. I'm far from the greatest, and that's going to be even more apparent until I settle back in.


The eagle-eyed readers might have noticed the My Works part of the blog has vanished, and, for now, it's going to stay that way. I love writing just as much as reading, but releasing stuff online so young revealed something massive: I have a ton to learn.

I was naive and idealistic (still am in a lot of ways), and I came to the decision to just remove my novels from the internet (trust me, you're welcome). There are still remnants of them floating about, but, for your sanity, I wouldn't bother looking for them.

I sound harsh on myself and that's the way it should be.

I wasn't ready and neither was my writing.


Going forwards my main plan is just to get back into the community; to read and review regularly. I need to reinvigorate my passion for stories and the written word.

As for writing, I have some soul-searching to do and many, many things to learn.

For now, though, I'm back and buzzing to go. I've missed so much, and there are a wealth of wonderful worlds for me to immerse myself in just waiting.

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