Thursday, 23 June 2016

Are You A Grammar Nazi?

(Get ready for some shameless gifs!)

Of course, Hermione isn't correcting spelling and grammar, rather intonation, but who here couldn't imagine that tone of voice when dealing with a Grammar Nazi? 

We've all seen them, especially if you're regularly on the internet, and it's a contentious situation. Some people love to correct you, some hate it with a fiery passion. Me? I think it can be hilarious. Who hasn't stumbled across a conversation on the web and seen people going at it? What's even worse is when someone corrects a mistake with another mistake; or, quite comically, corrects the correct spelling and grammar with the incorrect.

Or the more common problem: British and American versions of English.

But do not worry, folks, I love all of you here, ferocious Grammar Nazi or not. This post is just light-hearted fun.

But how do you feel about spelling and grammar? Personally, I'm a Grammar Nazi, but only to myself. When it comes to me, I'm never satisfied (I'm being extremely anal about the writing in this post, because it'd be hilarious if I failed). When I find mistakes in something I've written I beat myself up like the idiot I am.

When it comes to other people's writing, though, I'm not really bothered. As long as I can understand the general gist of what they're saying, I don't feel the need to correct every little word they've typed (although I have been guilty of sarcastically correcting a Grammar Nazi who attacked someone for their incorrect spelling with more incorrect spelling, good times!).

Do I think correct spelling and grammar are important? Absolutely. In school, and for a long time after I left, I used colloquialisms and 'social speak', which I think can ravage your understanding of the language you speak. I, for one, used those forms of communication so frequently that, when it came to starting more professional and formal ventures, I was at an embarrassing loss. I'd become so entrenched in 'social speak' (or more apt: Just prattling on without a care in the world), that my spelling and grammar were terrible.

Realising that sort of went like this:

With the kind of blog I run, where correct spelling and grammar are two fundamental requirements, I smacked myself around the head like a crazy person and got my head in the game. So I definitely think they're two very important things. That doesn't mean you'll always get it right, and I'm fine when people politely correct you (because who loves the wrong answer?), but I think it's better to keep an eye on yourself.

But what do you think? Are you a hardcore Grammar Nazi who'll scour the internet for prey? Or are you more laid back?

Oh, and let me know if anything in this post makes you want to grab a red pen; I'm beginning to think this was a mistake...

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