Thursday, 14 April 2016

Why I Chose To Take My Works Off Amazon

Really the title says it all, but it wouldn't be a very good blog post if I left it at that, so let's go.

I cover a lot of what I'm about to say in more depth in another post: Why I Chose To Make My Works Free, but I'll quickly go over it again.

I have two full-length works on offer, as you can see from the picture above. Snazzy, right? I hope? But, honestly, I don't feel confident enough to call myself a proper author, I much prefer my favourite term writer-in-training. That's never stopped me wanting to put my stuff out there, though, to share it with the book community and to learn, grow and be better from it, but I've always wanted it to be free. They're not perfect (I say that a lot, I think I'm coming to the realisation I'm a terrible salesman), but I'm proud of them; I'm proud of how much I've learned from the experience, of how my faults and just sheer crap in places has come to teach me so much.

With all that being said, I've always wanted them to be free, no way do I want to charge people for works that aren't up to par with the plethora of fantastic fiction out there. But, in my naivety and idealistic younger years (which, sadly, wasn't really so long ago), I only knew of Amazon for self-publishing. And they've been great, one of the stones that helped me break into this river of treacherous waters.

Unfortunately, I've never been able to get them free on there, and I tried really, really hard. On the bright side, I found other sites such as Smashwords and Wattpad, sites where I could write and receive feedback all the while readers could pick up the stories without any cost to them. I like it that way, for now at least. These works are the works of an idealistic amateur with a heart of gold. One that put stuff out there when he really wasn't ready to.

But what's done is done. I've picked myself up, dusted off and am more determined to learn my way. To keep on this path until I'm good enough, with a good enough story, to play in the big leagues. It might never happen, but trust me, I'm gonna rampage through this life trying.

God, I talk a lot sometimes, right? Meh. I think I got my point across... Now, wherever you find my works that I've put out there on my own, you won't have to pay for them (yippee!).

If you're interested in what the hell I'm even talking about, check out the My Works page at the top.

I bless you for your perseverance with this post, if you haven't left already that is...

Until next time!

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