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Echo's Revenge: The Other Side, Part 1 by Sean Austin (Echo's Revenge, #2) - Book Review - Indie

3/5 Stars

Can Luca and Prentice solve the ultimate nightmare of a self-motivated, artificially intelligent game boss on a rampage?


Edition: Kindle
Pages: 53
Chapters: 10
Publisher: AAA Reality Games

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Echo's Revenge: The Other Side, Part 1 is short and sweet, so I'll keep my thoughts along the same vein. 

I do feel this entry is completely unnecessary. It follows the Echo 7's point-of-view, recounting its events as they occur concurrently with the first book's plot. While it does add a couple layers to its character and menace, and give the reader some technological fireworks, we don't really learn any more than what we already know.

But I really can't complain with the novel clocking in at around 53 pages. Beyond that, Sean Austin has created a fun world and story, perfect for younger readers. If you love action/adventure, cool technology and gaming, you'll love this series.

SPOILER WARNING (Major ones for the first entry to the series.)

Synopsis (Not a copy from the book, but I always keep my interpretations close.)

AAA are on the edge of creating a new gaming icon in the form of Echo 7, a mechanical monster driven by unstoppable AI.
Intent on bringing about a new era of reality-based gaming, the team miss the subtle signs that something isn't quite right with Echo.
Its AI, with the plethora of improvements, has surpassed what the team expects.
As they lose control, their creation creates its own game.
It intends to hunt down the talented gamers of the real world...

Plot - 2/5 Stars

There isn't much to the story that you don't get in this entry's predecessor. Echo 7, a mechanical machine created in the image of a famous virtual game boss, becomes unstable and decides to hunt down the gamers who have caused its previous incarnations in the gaming world pain.

From a jumbled start, Echo's Revenge: The Other Side, Part 1 tells part of the same events, only from Echo's point-of-view. It can be funny and silly, but overall underwhelming.

Pace - 4/5 Stars

It took me twenty minutes to blast through the story. It's not long, and while it doesn't have as much of the exhilarating action the first book has, it's a neat little entry.

Characters - 2.5/5 Stars

The novel isn't long enough to build up any kind of rapport with the cast. We learn a little more about Echo and the crew behind its creation, but not much. We catch a glimpse of the main cast from the previous instalment, adding a little nostalgia, but that's about it.

Writing - 4/5 Stars

Austin gets everything to the point quickly, and I'm grateful for that. Adults might find the novel a bit jarring thanks to the writing reflecting the story's target audience so well. Yep, this series is probably best suited for kids who love gaming. 

Overall - 3/5 Stars

Overall, fun but doesn't add much. It gives the reader a glimpse of what is a fascinating and unique idea, but the first novel capitalises on this much better.

But this is aimed at a younger audience, and I have no doubt they will love the little taste of sci-fi it gives them.

Previous Instalment: Echo's Revenge

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