Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Why I Chose To Make My Works Free

I've been asked a few times why I chose to make the Trials of Strength trilogy free (still working on Amazon, but Smashwords has a multitude of formats to choose from).

The answer, for me, is pretty simple: I'm still a writer-in-training.

While I wish I was the best author ever, with perfect writing and perfect stories, that's just not the case. It might never be the case. But, I love writing. I love reading, and I love stories. It'd be great to be an author full-time, earning money like there's no tomorrow, but, as most creators know, that's not how it works. Enjoyment has to come first.

And enjoy it I do. 

I've learned a lot over the past few years, but there's always more to learn. It never fails to surprise me that, just when I think I have something 100% perfect, I learn something new that throws everything into the air. And you can probably (hopefully) see, from my works and this blog, that I'm improving all the time (especially considering some of my earlier reviews, yikes, I sometimes cringe).

So, the Trials of Strength trilogy, while not perfect, I'm still proud of. I like to view them as stepping stones. My journey to becoming a much better writer, a better storyteller, and, maybe one day, a traditionally published author. 

While we're on the subject, how about a little shameless plug?

Like I said, the trilogy is free, well, the first two are, book three isn't quite there yet. You can check out My Works where all the details lie in wait for you. I hope they grab your interest. 

The trilogy, most of all, is a bit of fun. They're action-packed, quick reads. I take liberties - of course - with a few aspects of the plot. Like, the science. It likely has absolutely no bearing on reality, but for the most part I've shaped it to mirror the main character's journey; to reinforce and highlight the difficulties of being faced with overwhelming odds, while still trying to find that balance in yourself, that morality.

But, they are fun, and if you do decide to give them a chance, I hope you find something that tickles your fancy.

I know, random post, but just a little insight.

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