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Hell's Heroes by Darren Shan (Demonata, #10) - Book Review

5/5 Stars

This is the end...


Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 236
Chapters: 24
Publisher: HarperCollins

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I just had to. After Dark Calling I was determined to jump straight into the final instalment of The Demonata series and relive the magnificence all over again, even though it's now 5:40 in the morning here. This finale is the epitome of epic. Darren Shan has not only created a wondrous world, a captivating cast of characters and writing that has you green with envy, but a fitting end that encapsulates everything that makes the series great. It's all been building to this, and it doesn't come anywhere near to disappointing.

Plus, check out that awesome cover!


Grubbs has dived off the deep end.
Kernel is blind and trapped.
Bec has switched sides.
The world has been brought to its knees, and the end is in sight.
And it can't be stopped.
Nothing can prevent the death of everything...

Hell's Heroes is everything you're expecting: Spectacular all round. There are some fantastic twists and surprises mixed into this fast-paced story. It's the sense of loss that really hits you though. Being reminded of everything that's transpired over the course of ten books really emphasises the wonderful journey we've been through with this world and its characters.

Even after all the darkness and mayhem, the overall theme has always been one of hope. Darren Shan might be dubbed 'The Master of Horror', and rightly so, but what makes his works so powerful is their message of overcoming adversity; finding the strength to weather and surpass that which tries to hold us back. It's one of the most positive and easily related to themes that never gets boring.

It's also fitting that the last book's point of view is hero Grubbs Grady. We started this story with him, there is no question it has to end the same way. He's the darkest he's ever been within Hell's Heroes, thanks to the death of Dervish. This happens at the very beginning, and it truly has to be the most heartbreaking part of the entire book, if not the entire series. The two men's relationship with one another is the warmest, and even so close to death, their trademark humour of insulting one another is still there.

Kernel is also ten times as angry, and for good reason. After all he's done for Grubbs, to be betrayed that way by a friend cuts him to the core. He's robbed of everything that makes him who he is; his need to do the right thing taken from him, leaving him not only furious, but guilt-ridden as well. It's devastating.

All of the characters, each of them are people I'm going to miss reading about.

Even Bo makes an appearance! I've read this series I don't know how many times, and her reappearance - having last been seen in Slawter - constantly takes me by surprise!

And the ending... It's as smart as hell! Heartwarming, while still being grounded thanks to the bittersweet Lord Loss. It's a surprise, like I said, after nine previous instalments of blood and death. But it's not forced, everything has been heading to this, a fact you can't miss now that it's explained to you clearly.

There's not much I can say that fully does justice to this series, but I do want to personally thank Darren Shan for taking his time to create it. I shamelessly credit these books for bringing me more heavily into reading and writing. I've always loved to do both, but The Demonata books really fanned the flames that were there.

So thank you, Mr Shan!

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