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Slawter by Darren Shan (Demonata, #3) - Book Review

5/5 Stars

As long as you're breathing, your story's still going...

Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 255
Chapters: 19
Publisher: HarperCollins

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If I were ever forced to pick a favourite entry to The Demonata series, Slawter would be the one. It's a close call between all ten books - they're all fantastic - but it's a closer call between this and Demon Thief. This book is just plain, undiluted fun. At times it's comedic, at others truly chilling. But most of all it's progressive. Slawter does a stellar job keeping the world light, while managing to allude to some serious mind-numbing stuff in the future. The first two books in the series set up an exceptionally intriguing world, and the third builds on it, proving that Mr Shan is a storyteller to be reckoned with.

Grubbs, Dervish and Bill-E are still trying to cope with the events of Lord Loss; with Grubbs fighting his destiny, Dervish locked in his mind with torment, and Bill-E, confused as hell, almost completely hidden from the truth.
So I guess that calls for a holiday, right?
Well, when a famous horror movie director approaches Dervish seeking his occult knowledge, the trio can't believe their luck.
Until they find out about the film's subject.

Like its predecessors, Slawter is a fast-paced, first-person spitfire of a book. But we're much more in-the-know of the series' world now it's three books in (if you're reading them chronologically from release). The story is truly gratifying; a fun, doesn't-take-itself-far-too-seriously kind of plot, while still managing to inject the darker moments perfectly. The structure is just fantastic, a well-plotted procession of events that make it virtually unputdownable. It always makes this series such a pleasure to read.

And the twists? Hoo boy... Demon Thief pulls them off well, and Slawter is no slouch. They literally punch gasps from you. I also noticed some allusions to events in later novels, something I'm not going to get detailed about so as not to spoil it, but it gives going through them a refreshing and sweeter feel.

Grubbs really comes into his own as well. I love him in Lord Loss, but I adore him here. He's developing into such a witty, kick-ass character, and while he's still adamant that he wants nothing to do with magic and demons - I mean who would? - his reactions and ability to deal has improved immensely. There are also some pretty well-written villains, and I mean apart from Lord Loss, who, by the way, still truly terrifies me to this day.

Filled with magic, world building and a story that you'll remember, Slawter pushes the series that bit further, while leaving you hanging for more.

Luckily I have more.

Much, much more...

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