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Kill Me If You Can by James Patterson & Marshall Karp - Book Review

5/5 Stars

The chase is on...


Edition: Paperback
Pages: 463
Chapters: 104 (Plus a prologue with two parts.)
Publisher: Arrow Books

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Kill Me If You Can is a pulse-pounding read that vies for top spot among my James Patterson collection. I'm not sure if it wins, but it's a serious contender. My two previous Patterson reads are no doubt enjoyable, but this standalone sends you on an electrifying ride. It's fast-paced, with a hooking story and extremely intriguing characters. There are also twists that feel like someone punched you in the gut while squeezing your adrenal gland. It's Patterson and his co-authors' - in this case Marshall Karp - way; light reads that aren't created to be anything profound, but written to give the reader an experience they'll enjoy.


Matthew Bannon is a struggling art student who inexplicable stumbles onto a cache of diamonds.
And then takes them, by stepping over the dead body beneath them.
It's a position and offer that not many could refuse, and Bannon can't let the opportunity of being set up for life elude him.
He's going to be filthy rich.
As long as the people hunting for the diamonds don't kill him that is...

Kill Me If You Can contains a pretty unique story. I entered the book's world thinking it would be pretty simple, so much so that I fell into the authors' trap, the fall into a false sense of security. Matthew Bannon is a student who sees a way of becoming rich, and the people the diamonds belong to hire two well-known assassins to hunt him down and kill him before returning the stolen goods. Pretty straight forward, at least I let myself think that.

Little did I guess that our main character is in fact one of the bloody - no pun intended - assassins!

It's so unexpected that I laughed like a mad man when it was revealed.

Matthew Bannon is The Ghost, a killer with a heart of gold: He only kills bad guys. The story unfolds extremely well; in a way it's still very straight forward, but the twists and turns add to the mix well enough to make the book a memorable one.

It also has pretty decent characters. Matthew Bannon is our first-person viewpoint, and the writers manage to pull off making sure that him and his alter ego stay unconnected. I certainly didn't connect them at all. We also meet a rival to The Ghost, one Marta Krall, who's the polar opposite to Matthew. She's cold-blooded and enjoys making her targets suffer. But she's awesome! A bad-ass that you can't help but be fascinated by. It's also majorly fun to watch her fly around the world in a race to beat The Ghost to Bannon when he's The Ghost.

Bannon's love interest is also well fleshed. We care for Katherine almost as much as he does.

What's even better is that the big revelation doesn't rob us of our hope that there can be a happy ending. Matthew might be a killer, but as the reader you still root for him to succeed. And when that final epic - truly - battle comes along, we're on the tips of our toes, begging for the authors not to plunge the story in a darker direction.

An extremely fun read I recommend to everyone who enjoys a lighthearted thrill ride.

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