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Want by Magus Tor (Numbered, #1) - Book Review - Indie

4.5/5 Stars

Trust no one, no one trusts....


Edition: Kindle
Pages: 177
Chapters: 12
Publisher: Magus Tor Books and Games

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First off, check out that cover. Check it the hell out! It's all kinds of crazy awesome. Not only that, but the book itself is all kinds of crazy bloody awesome. I try and start a book with as much ambivalence as possible, so I don't bias myself for or against it. Want? Well, Want is good. Fantastic even. Well-written, cool story, a strong cast of characters; all wrapped and packaged superbly. It's a quick read that's paced to perfection. One question: Where is the rest of this series? I want them, all of them, NOW! PLEASE! Alright, deep breaths, deep, deep breaths. I'm calm, I think I'm calm. I'm just so damned excited! What a great start to a new series.

Aurelia Cole is an intelligent, capable and strong young woman. She recently graduated top of her class, and is more than ready to take up her position as a Medical Worker.
On the moon.
World War III came and decimated the earth. If not for the colonies on the moon, the illustrious home of Lunar City, then human life would have ceased to exist.
Years into the future however, everything is not as it seems. Aurelia is coming to learn that the so called 'peace' she lives in, is a lie.
Thrust into a war she isn't sure she wants to be a part of, everything is called into question.
Should she forsake everything she's been taught, everything she holds dear, for what might be right?

Want, as I've animatedly pointed out, is great. It's a futuristic dystopian that reminded me of series like The Hunger Games and Divergent, with all that mixed with a sort of Star Trek-like world. In its own right, it's fresh and unique. I found myself quickly, if not instantaneously absorbed. The writing is superb, the world building is on point and it's full of action, intrigue and surprises. I can't fault the plot. Its length also makes it a great novel to pick up, especially if you're desperate for something quick and interesting.

And the characters? Our main, Aurelia - love the name, have no idea how to pronounce it - is perfect. She's capable and smart; someone who isn't going to be falling for bullshit - pardon my language - anytime soon. Supporting characters are equally engaging with strong motivations and personalities. It's not overly crowded either, so we get a real sense of the cast we're given.

One thing I do have to mention though; the plot thread that stole 0.5 from the rating.

One thing: Instalove!


Within a few hours of Aurelia meeting a guy - a majority of which he's unconscious - she's in love with him! I mean, she literally says she's in love with him! Bah... The characters are well-written, so they don't need a relationship to spice them up, and the plot certainly doesn't need it either. While it's not a total fail, in the sense I can see those two together, a slow and steady relationship, or as it is a series, an allusion to a relationship, would have worked wonders.

But I digress, it doesn't bother me too much.

I just want more, and soon. Please and thank you!

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