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Plague by Michael Grant (Gone, #4) - Book Review

5/5 Stars

Disease is spreading through the streets of Perdido Beach: a devastating, hacking cough that makes sufferers choke their guts up - literally.....

Edition: Paperback
Pages: 526
Chapters: 50
Publisher: Electric Monkey Egmont

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One word, well, a collection of words strung together with no spaces: holycraponastickofcrazy!
That pretty much sums up the awesomeness that is Plague. Lies is by far my most favourite in the series, mainly due to the characters, but Plague? Plague is universes ahead of it in terms of characters and storytelling. After finishing Lies, I felt like the series as a whole had fallen into a certain rut, a certain collection of events that were just worded and set differently each time they happened. And I'm not sure whether it's intentional, or just an accident, but once you hit Plague, everything before it seems perfect. You fall into believing you can predict events, that you roughly understand. This entry? Blows you out of the water like nothing you've seen before.

If Mr Grant can keep this up for the final two books? Then we are in for one helluva ride!

SPOILER WARNING - Not major, major plot points, but certain events.

The people of the FAYZ have survived the disappearance of every adult; they've survived the following hunger; they've survived the lies; all they've done is survive.
But the FAYZ isn't done yet. The stakes rise, with an almost supernatural contagion making the rounds, and creatures of unknown origin erupting from the residents of the town, everyone's set in one of the most deadliest battles of their lives.
Things are ever shifting in the FAYZ: Loyalties, morals, power; but now?
Everything is about to change...

The plot, oh, the plot. It's no longer moving at a crawl, Plague moves briskly, confident about its ability to do what needs to be done; it does this with almost pinpoint accuracy. It moves a lot like 'The Breeze'. The overarching plot is touched on in so much more detail, and it's about bloody time. On the other hand, individual plots of Plague are extremely well-crafted. The plague spreading around the FAYZ that causes people to literally cough up their insides? Holy crap. The other disease that causes practically invincible creatures to hatch and eat their way out of helpless people? Shivers of the highest and most crazy order. The biggest shift that's ever happened to the residents of Perdido Beach? Absolutely immersing.

Old enemies are still there, and Plague does still sometimes fall into some of its weakest ruts, but it shakes everything up in a way the other books fail to: It makes the series feel more immediate, more serious.

I love Sam as much as the next tortured hero, but this entry showed me something I hadn't realized before. He doesn't have to be the main-est main character. I've always appreciated the author's ability to have so many characters in one novel, and have every one of them interesting and full of depth. In Plague, Sam takes a small step back, and a lot of the other characters step forward. There are more of them, and by the end they all feel more on level with Sam than they did before; there's much more of a proper team feel to them.

Sam? Still my favourite haunted hero.
Astrid? Still smart and unwavering, but there's a dislike and sympathetic feel in this novel for her.
Brianna? She TRULY steps up, quickly rising to the top of my favourite characters' list.
Dekka? Loyal, powerful, and soft under that brick exterior.
Jack? A reluctant hero in the making.

It goes on and on and on and on, with every character, because that's only a few.

Plague, as the title suggests - of course! - is prevalent. There's a deadly disease; there are monsters bursting from people and multiplying; there's the doubt that's growing and spreading through our characters on whether or not they can survive the FAYZ. Almost everything is about some sort of Plague, all built on the theme of Gone, Hunger, Lies, and all done masterfully.

It's time,

The next book, to clarify.

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