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MOMO by Kevin M. Kraft - Book Review - Indie

3/5 Stars

Beyond your own strength is God's.

Push yourself there.

Edition: ebook
Pages: 270
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'Beyond your own strength is God's. Push yourself there.' - This has to be my favourite saying throughout MOMO. Even though I'm not overtly religious, there's a certain empowerment that follows with those words, and MOMO itself is a story of self-empowerment. It's a short, thrilling novella - especially during the second half - and I enjoyed breezing through it. A couple things fell short of the mark though; its length working in its favour, but equally against it. With a little fluffing and pacing, the novel would have maximized its potential. But its main theme of being strong and becoming someone you wouldn't have thought yourself capable of is exactly my cup of tea.

MOMO follows father and son duo Mark and Evan Taylor as they head out on a bonding trip. Their goal is to travel to their family cabin and heal the cracks that have sprung up in their relationship; some of which they have no idea are there.
But they find out that the area they're heading to has had an increase in bear activity.
Or what's been called 'bear' activity.
Soon the duo are plunged into a fight for their lives by a mysterious creature far more than a simple animal.
A monster that threatens to destroy the men's bond with one another. Permanently.
And the only way to survive is for Mark and Evan to heal what's broken.
To work together and survive the stuff of legends....

MOMO is a fast-paced, action-packed twist on a well-known legend. Or legends, plural. I see its roots based on stories like the 'Yeti' or 'Bigfoot', but it's the relationship between Mark and his son that takes centre stage. I actually had a really good feeling throughout this story; it feel like I've stumbled upon an episode of Supernatural that I haven't seen. And I LOVE Supernatural. What holds it back is the book's length. Everything happens too quickly, with minimal build-up. One second our characters are bonding, and the next they're forced into survival mode.

This wouldn't be a massive problem, if it hadn't cut the main focus of the story short: Mark and Evan's relationship. I enjoy our two main characters, they are simple and normal people. In a story about something not-so-normal it works in its favour. But before you're able to fully connect and empathize with them, and before the story line has time to mature, their relationship is cut off. It picks back up during their fight for survival, but I feel this is too little, too late.

One of the major highlights of MOMO though is its theme of self-empowerment. It focuses on - aside from their bonding - Mark and Evan's growth to two people put in an impossible situation to survive. To do things they normally wouldn't think themselves capable of. It gives this horror-like story a refreshing light. It's feel good, even when it couldn't be more bad for our characters. I wouldn't be against the novella being expanded, either by itself, or made into a series of books.

It's also being made into a motion picture, and having finished the book, I decided to take a look at the teaser trailer. It's creepy as hell! That music playing is great!
If you want to check it out, trailer's here.

On the other hand, and if the trailer piques your interest, you can pick the full novella up over at

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  1. Self-empowerment and becoming the kind of person you didn't think you could be have been big in my life lately, and I love the supernatural twist here. By the way, not to be weird, but I sent you a message on Facebook and it said it went into your "other" folder, so I don't know if you'll see that I wrote. Just wanted to stop by and say hey lol.

    1. Hey! :) No, it's fine. I'm here to chat and meet book lovers!