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Fear by Michael Grant (Gone, #5) - Book Review

4/5 Stars

Night is falling in the FAYZ.



Edition: Paperback
Pages: 549
Chapters: 47
Publisher: Electric Monkey Egmont

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Disappointed. That's how I feel. Not because Fear is terrible in some way; in fact, it's quite the opposite. Fear is an adrenaline-filled ride that has you on the edge of your seat. But after four books, tons of build up, I feel drained. I thought I'd made peace with the stretched feel each of the books have, but this entry really brought it home. Fear has the build up of a finale, it has the tension and final battle that I expect to see at the end of a series. And yet, after it all, there's a massive anticlimax. I guess that frustrates me a little. I'm worried now that Light, the actual finale, won't be able to top Fear's fantastic story.

I still have lots of hope though. Michael Grant has proven over and over again how well he can create stories and characters, and while Fear throws me a little, it is still a fantastic entry to an engaging series.


A tenuous peace has formed in the FAYZ. Sam has his settlement, and Caine has his. But both aren't naive, everyone knows, no matter how much they hope otherwise, that there is no such thing as permanent peace.
So as if in response; as if waiting for this realization, the FAYZ wall, the barrier, starts to blacken.
Eternal night dawns.
And an evil far greater than anyone, even Sam, can comprehend, has started its endgame.

I got most of negativity out in the first paragraph, so I'm mainly going to focus on my good list of positives. Fear is pulse-pounding. From start to finish it's almost like you're holding your breath. The build up is great; something major is going to happen. And it does, even if it is anticlimactic, something absolutely earth-shattering shatters our group to the core. I'm actually surprised by some of the chapters and where they take place: OUTSIDE. Yep, that's right, outside the FAYZ wall with several different characters. I enjoy this, mainly because it answers a massive question that has plagued the reader with layers of doubt. Yes, there is an outside.

That's what Fear, like Plague before it, does well. It moves the bigger story forward, faster and more urgently. It manages that while maintaining several subplots which inevitably form together.

The author also keeps up the same balanced structure as Plague. Sam is of course a main character, but he's on a much more even playing field with the rest of them, and once again, it allows every character to have more opportunity to show progression and growth. If there's one thing I've never had a problem with, it's the cast of characters. Mr Grant has taken extra care to make sure each is special and identifiable, even if they don't have powers. Their development is a joy to read through, sometimes even overshadowing the plot. In Fear it's a nice 50/50 between the two.

I've done it with the rest of the books, so by now, you can guess what the major theme throughout Fear is. Working the magic the way he does, the author successfully builds another layer on top of multiple layers. While Fear has been a main theme from the start, this entry shines a massive spotlight on it. We get to experience each and every character's Fear, and exactly how it affects them; exactly how they either overcome it, or succumb to it.

While it isn't what I fully expected - even though I'm not entirely sure what I expected - Fear is of course a great part and a worthwhile read. And I am pumped for the finale.

On the flip side, I hope to God it can match Fear's build up and ending.

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