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City of Glass by Cassandra Clare (Mortal Instruments, #3) - Book Review

5/5 Stars

Jace and Clary have their own decision to make:

Should they pursue the love they know is forbidden?

Edition: Paperback
Pages: 492
Chapters: 20 (Plus an epilogue.)
Publisher: Walker Books

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City of Glass is everything I dreamed and hoped it would be, and then some. Everything from the previous books have coalesced into this. It's full of answers and what feels like the conclusion to the series. We know that's not true - there are three more books - but Ms Clare does one amazing job of ending one story and leaving the door open for more. City of Glass is sharp; it has an encapsulating plot, a cast of unique and engaging characters, and it's all bundled into fantastic writing with a perfect bow on top. So far, the strongest book in the series by far, and that's with the other two being in no way slouches themselves.


War is being waged, with no one unaffected by its consequences.
Clary Fray has been in some tenuous situations before, but this is different.
To survive, to win, traditions must be broken, and a new world order will have to arise.
Shadowhunters will have to side with Downworlders, or both face extinction.
And it's up to Clary, with the weight of the world truly resting on her shoulders...

Love the first two books? Then City of Glass will blow your mind. Like the first two books, but still aren't sold? City of Glass will blow your mind. It's a stunning conclusion to a story, that thankfully leaves the door open for many, many more. Its story will have you screaming in delight, anger, frustration, tears; every emotion, you'll suffer every emotion. It's almost 4.00AM here with me, and I just HAD to stay up and finish this book. Everything, at least for me personally, is handled to perfection. The pace, plot - everything.

The characters too, their distinctive uniqueness, and likability makes this story rise above many others. It's true what they say: Characters are the driving forces of a story. And Cassandra Clare uses this to its utmost potential. City of Glass is still very much led by the wonderful and fiery Clary, but it's broken up with other addictive characters. Everything is fresh and exciting. Development is human and organic, flowing like it never has done before.

And the writing? *Sigh* Every author should be envious of Ms Clare's writing. It's on point, as always, never over the top, and never just enough to set the scene; it's in the middle, creating a story and cast of characters that are potent and real.

The sense of unity by the end of City of Glass is also another reason in its favour. The author focuses on the divide between Shadowhunters - who feel they are better (not all but enough) than anyone else - and Downworlders - who are tired of being looked down upon. The way the two groups are brought together is heartwarming, and while lingering traditions are certainly not gone, it's being worked on and shaping up a brand new world.

I'm also thrilled that this arc of this world's story is over. I was worried, I admit, that the Valentine story was going to be drawn out over the six books, and I am so glad it's not. Not because it isn't good - read my other reviews, so far I love this series so goddamn much! - but because Valentine was losing his appeal as a villain. There are only a few long series, Harry Potter being one, that I feel that one main villain works, and I'm glad Ms Clare hasn't chanced it and that a new and fresh story awaits me once I continue on.

Which I will be doing as soon as possible.

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