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Zom-B Clans by Darren Shan (Zom-B, #8) - Book Review

5/5 Stars

The stakes are rising...

The heroes are dropping...

The end is nigh...

Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 217
Chapters: 21
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

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So I guess after my review of Zom-B Circus, I don't need to tell you my excitement when I woke up this morning, the next two in the series packages making their slow way to my door. I was gutted when I had to go out, but ecstatic, because I knew when I got back, I could dive into Zom-B Clans. A couple hours later and her I am, just containing my desperation to move on, and writing this review. I have no problems with Clans, not even a tiny niggle. The good level of intrigue and action keep the novel moving forward briskly, while the stories of our characters do a great job of keeping everything tempered and paced. I have to marvel at the way Mr Shan can balance everything. Answering enough questions throughout each entry to Zom-B to keep everything fresh, while still leaving questions for us to hunger after.

Initially I was gonna keep the review SPOILER free, but that cliffhanger, guys. That cliffhanger.


We pick up directly after Zom-B Mission, with B and her army of Angels defending the settlement they had made their way to. It's bloody, and while B's fighting, she can't help but wonder what the hell is going on. Owl Man teamed up with the KKK?
Before she has time to worry though, a terrifying new question hits her like a truck. The Owl Man speaks, and B obeys. She has no choice, her body betraying her to her enemy, and she has no idea how. Factor in the fact Owl Man is getting away with her best friend, and tides are turning quickly.
There are choices in the coming future, choices that will determine where each of the players on the board stand.
But will B survive long enough to take her place?

Zom-B Clans is well paced. There's tons of action, but the story and themes of the novel help counterbalance the speed. We learn more in Clans about the past events that led to the zombie outbreak, and more terrifying scenarios are revealed to the Angels. It's book eight in the Zom-B series, and all I can tell you is that the quality hasn't slipped an inch. Each entry to the series has been just as engaging as the last, and while some pull out slightly ahead of the others, there are no fillers. No books meant to bridge the gap to the new big thing. Just a succession of stories that are addictive and fun to read.
And that's not even adding in the magnificent mythology. Mr Shan creates such enthralling events, with perilous pasts and hauntingly futile futures. Nothing is stable in the world, and every fight could be the last.

And the characters? Brilliant. I love B's progression, her kick-ass attitude and her stronger, more prominent streak of humanity. The mystery and secrets surrounding Dr Oystein keep your brain churning, and the history of the Owl Man is touched on enough to give us a glimpse inside his creepy shell. The Owl Man fascinates me. He seems to have an obsession with B, but it's tempered with admiration, and almost, almost, some sort of love. I love B and Rage's standoffish relationship as allies as well, one time they're gonna get into it with one another, and I hope B kicks his behind in. Overall, the characters are awesome. They're distinctive enough to keep each of them separate, with some more worked on than others.

We take a swing back to the sort of racism theme I love about the first entry to the series. Only now B is such a different character, and it's nice to see her acting completely different than before. I also get the feeling of choice and humanity throughout the novel, with Jakob and Biddy Barry's strong speeches being the most obvious. I got serious chills during that part of the book. Well written and perfect for those characters.

It's the cliffhanger that has me shaking with excitement. Part of me keeps cursing myself. How could I have not seen it coming? I mean, the theme shifts back to racism, the KKK are involved, and I still don't connect the dots? Well, imagine my surprise when B's FATHER turns back up, alive and well! Holy crap!! Crapola! Unable to breath, brain on overdrive.




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