Friday, 5 December 2014

One Lovely Blog Hop

So my lovely friend Kelly tagged me in this blog hop. Essentially, One Lovely Blog Hop was designed to show readers of our works or blogs a more personal side. A side that hides behind our reviews, and bravado (not that I have much of that). So in this post, I'll list seven interesting (hopefully) facts about me and my life.

I'll also leave some links to the blogs that I read and frequent often. All of them are wonderful and talented people, and hopefully you'll enjoy reading their insights to the world as much as I do. If I nominate your blog, then don't worry, there's no obligation to join in, but if you can't resist, then please link back to the blog of the person who tagged you. In this case, it was the amazing K.S. Marsden, over at The Northern Witch's Book Blog. Kelly is also the author of the fantastic Witch-Hunter series, and if you enjoy her posts, then I urge you to go get her novels.

I'd like to take another second to thank Kelly for tagging me. It's been almost a year - I think, I'm atrocious with time - since I started my humble little blog about books, but I've spoken to some of the nicest people throughout that time.

Onto the insights of me, that I hope you find interesting:

1. My Obsessive Love Of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Probably the most important thing about me. Something my friends know all too well about, especially when anything comes up that allows me to segue into a discussion of Buffy, with their groans of frustration fuelling my need to speak about it. I loved this show more than is probably healthy for an individual. I watched it from its inception back in 1997 to its end in 2003. Nothing has captured my imagination more, and this show has to be one of the major reasons I turned to books and writing. I connected with it on so many levels, implementing a lot of its material into my every day life. Well, maybe not the graveyard stalking of evil, no way am I brave enough for that. But the message of the show, the goodness. Treating others the way you want to be treated and to never stop fighting for what you want.

2. My Other Well Known Love : Kelly Clarkson

Yep. Another obsessive..... I sound like a crazy person with that word, I promise, I'm not.

I'm not!

But Kelly Clarkson has been one of my most favourite and most talented singers of my entire life. I guess what drew me to her was the down-to-earth attitude she exudes, her loving, caring personality, and of course, her voice. Ask anyone that knows me, and the first thing most of them will say when you ask about me, is that I love Kelly Clarkson. And before you ask what my favourite song is of hers, I will always cop out, I love them all. 
Which leads to me segue, to my readers, My Life Would Suck Without You, and with you I'm Stronger. All I've Ever Wanted was to give you guys something to love, and although it might seem Impossible, I still went for that Long Shot.

Sorry. I could not help myself. I won't do it again.

Never. Again.

3. Pizza

I'll keep it simple with this one. There are three ways to my heart. My two previous points, and Pizza. You bring me pizza, we are best friends.

4. Superstitions

I saw this one on Kelly's page and couldn't help but steal it. Sorry Kelly! But I am a major superstitious person as well. To the point of paranoia. I will not walk under a ladder, or over three drains on the ground. I will not tempt fate, and always knock on wood. Anyone who 'swears on someone's life' in my presence will not get off lightly.

Nuff' said.

5. Variety Of Jobs

I've had a variety of jobs, from all of the Kitchen variety, from Porter to Cook. I've worked in a factory operating big, scary machines that could kill me, to sitting at a desk and being that sales person you hang up on. I've moved through a lot. I think my least likable one would be Sales. I just do not have the kahunas for that work. I feel guilty constantly.

6. I'm From Scotland

Yep, I'm a part of the ginger, haggis eating clans of Scotland. I hope no one takes the ginger, haggis part to heart. Although I do like haggis, as long as I don't think about it for too long. I love my country, I love Scotland, I love the United Kingdom. And although it may rain almost 100% of the time, I love that too. In fact I think everyone in the United Kingdom has become immune to weather. Plus, I have that accent everyone wants to hear me do, and they don't understand it, but seem content on just the sound. I am happy to help.

7. I Can Shake My Eyeballs

Probably the most disturbing on this list, if not the hardest to explain, but I've ran out of things about myself. I can actually shake my eyes, and it's not the moving them side to side really fast kind of shake. I can, without touching them, shake them really fast. It's not good for you, and I've been told to stop, but it's one of those things I show people when they ask me what creepy things I can do. 

Huh, I've just solved why I scare people.

Next time, I'll just smile and say I'm normal.

So that's seven things about little old me. Hopefully I've gave you a happy insight to me, and not the terrified running away of a scared person. Next up, and finally, are the blogs I read, there aren't a ton, but these are the ones I'm on almost every day, and they are talented and wonderful people.

K.S. Marsden - author of The Shadow Rises
Eimear - book blogger and vlogger extraordinaire BooksBitsNBobs
Amber - The Mile Long Bookshelf

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