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Lies by Michael Grant (Gone, #3) - Book Review

4.5/5 Stars

Tensions are growing in the FAYZ.

The mutants are under attack.

Food is scarce.

Sam's gone AWOL....

Edition: Paperback
Pages: 472
Chapters: 44
Publisher: Electric Monkey Egmont

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Lies, for me personally, is the strongest entry to the series so far. It doesn't do a massive amount to move the overarching plot forward, sometimes feeling as if it's jogging on the spot, but individual plots? Characters' plots? All go sprinting as fast as humanly possible. The amount of feels in this book: The suspense, the thrills, the shock and horror and pulse-pounding adrenaline; all of it, is potent. I'm hoping this sort of trend stays, that the structure - yep, even the drawn out-ness of the books - stays. And yes, you guessed it, one of the major themes in Lies is, of course, Lies. I appreciate it almost. That the novels' names are almost a worded window into the book. I've also noticed, more from Lies, with its obvious foreboding for its successor, but also from Gone and Hunger, that each book gives glimpses into what's coming in the next. It works well due to the fact that I'm hooked!

Sam Temple is nearing insanity. His run in with Drake in Hunger has left him a shadowy form of the person he used to be. Astrid, and other high ranking kids within the FAYZ, step in to help shoulder the burden, but it's little too late. The damage to Sam and the kids of Perdido Beach has already been done, and now it's time for some damage control.
But even with more minds working in tandem, trouble will always find the prisoners of the FAYZ, Only, how much can the people shouldering responsibility take before they crumble?
How many Lies will have to be told to keep the tenuous peace long enough to establish order?
'Normals' still hunt 'freaks', food is still scarce.
But worst of all, everyone's hero, their saviour, Sam, is gone.

You'd think I'd be used to how much is packed into each entry of the Gone series, but Lies takes the cake. Not by a lot, but enough. Every page is almost a new problem for our group within the FAYZ. I thought that, if that amount of information was kept up throughout the series, my brain would slowly slink away. But, it's the opposite that's happened. Michael Grant tells a compelling story that has strong characters to march it forward. Lies feels great. It drags so many different emotions from you that I stayed up right until morning just to see how it ended. Silly of me, because there're three more books in the series, and all I have is a tired brain and tons of questions.

That's a tiny thing that works against the series. Not enough questions are being answered. Lies relies heavily on its characters, and the plot suffers from being too much of the been-there-done-that. It's the same enemies, the same battles, the same outcomes. I definitely feel we're heading somewhere big, and the series has my attention fully, but things have to become more serious and deadly, or else there will be no real feeling of danger within the series.

The characters, ah, the wonderful viewpoints of the Gone world. I'm used to having so many, I've actually come to thoroughly enjoy it. So many engaging characters, so much development and different growth patterns to devour. I love our hero Sam, our poor, tough, but weak Sam. He's had one helluva time, and not a good one. The Gone series' cast of characters are its strongest feature, and Mr Grant knows how to use each and every one of them to their absolute best.

So far the series has been combining its themes. Gone centres on all the adults vanishing, on order crumbling, on humanity breaking. Hunger builds on that, but its main theme is, of course, the literal definition of Hunger in regards of food, the Hunger for power, the Hunger for peace. With Lies, a new theme is expertly woven into the other two, and it mainly surrounds the need to lie sometimes to keep order and stability. Everyone's lying about something, but everyone has, in their eyes, ironclad reasons for doing so.

Plague is next, and I'm already bracing myself. From what I've heard, it's awesome.

On a side note, we are in the day and age of adaptations, and it got me thinking about what I'd like to see if the Gone series ever got that treatment. I mean, it's perfect for it. But I definitely think it should be a TV show over a movie. There is a lot in the Gone series, and personally I feel that the only way it would work, is if everything from the books is included, and spread out.

Let's all pray for a Gone TV series!

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