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Bubble by Anders De La Motte (Game, #3) - Book Review

5/5 Stars

Game over...

Edition: Paperback
Pages: 448
Chapters: 35 (Plus a prologue.)
Publisher: Blue Door

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I always love when a great series has an even better final conclusion. As is always the case going into a trilogy, once I hit Bubble, the final entry in The Game Trilogy, I was scared. I wasn't sure if the author could pull off an ending to trump it all, especially because Game and Buzz have such high standards to compete with. But I am so happy, no, ecstatic now that I've finished Bubble. My adrenal gland is working overtime and my excitement is palpable. Bubble is one of the most well done final books in a trilogy I've read. There are no mixed feelings, no bitter after taste, just content bliss. The story ends perfectly, answering all questions, and it's a journey I compel you to try out.

I think it's around six months from the end of Buzz, and Henrik 'HP' Pettersson has cracked. His paranoia, although not unfounded, has taken over, and he's reeling from his previous meeting with The Game Master. The task he's been given weighs heavily on him, and with The Game around every corner pressurising him to commit a sin even HP doesn't think is right, will he break and conform? Or pull on the last threads of his sanity and try once again to beat a foe that has proven itself unbeatable?
HP's sister, Rebecca Normen, is facing dilemmas of her own. She has a new job, a new connection to a murky past, and information about her father that's perhaps too tempting to ignore, even if it's potentially deadly. But Rebecca still doesn't understand to the full extent of what's happening around her, and HP's worried The Game is manipulating her, too.

Bubble concludes The Game Trilogy with superb storytelling. While the pacing around the middle is a little off, it never once trips over itself. It runs and runs towards its destination while managing to juggle every plot thread it has with one hand. It's heart-pumping stuff, completely encapsulating. The Game Trilogy is one series where never have I ever found myself bored. While sometimes there's a plethora of things going on at the one time, Bubble doesn't commit the same mistake its predecessor does: Spread information too thinly. It has plot cues throughout the novel to keep you up-to-date and makes sure all prudent information is there for you. It's a unique storyline, and I hands down applaud the author for pulling it off so spectacularly.

HP is also a joy to follow. He's so startlingly different from his narcissistic origins, but remarkably doesn't lose any of the personality I came to love. He's not your standard protagonist, but sort of an antihero. It's fun to read and be a part of, and watching the poor guy crumble into insanity and have everyone dismiss him, even though his insane story is actually true, has you on the edge of your metaphoric seat again (I read most of it in bed). I also noted a marked step up for our other point of view, Rebecca. The character I adored from the first novel has come back, and while there are still some of the flaws from Buzz, it completes and sets up her character well, and helps me look back on Buzz with higher praise. The rest of our cast are also admirable and fit well into the world. They are memorable and all have the feeling they deserve to be in the book.

All in all, this series has turned out to be one I'll remember. It's actually one of my favourites I've had the pleasure of diving into, and I have to give a shout out to my lovely mother who was behind the purchase of it. I panicked near the end, where I thought the series was gonna end differently than the way it does. The suspense and build up is paralleled by no other, and I'm absolutely going to check up on the author's other works if there are any.

I'm a happy guy tonight. Or is it the morning? Damn exciting novels and coffee.

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