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The Shadow Reigns by K.S. Marsden (Witch-Hunter, #2) - Book Review - Indie

4.5/5 Stars

The world has been thrown into darkness........

Edition: Kindle
Pages: 208
Chapters: --
Publisher: Self-published

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I initially planned just to 'start' Ms Marsden's second novel, and sequel to her debut The Shadow Rises. Well, that didn't quite work out to plan... I got so caught up in its magic, or anti-magic *wink, wink* that I couldn't help myself. It's now 4.00AM in the morning, and the only thing stopping me from diving into the final novel is the fact my mortal body needs sleep. Le sigh... On the better note, The Shadow Reigns takes the magic and intrigue of the first entry and builds upon it masterfully. The Witch-Hunter series definitely finds its groove, and happily revels in it. Just to be careful, I will be including one major SPOILER in this review. Normally I would try not to, but it's one event that stuck with me. But I urge you to click that link above and read my review for The Shadow Rises, spoiler free, and hopefully you'll use my handy links to buy into the magic.

The Shadow Reigns picks up almost directly after the ending of The Shadow Rises, and things are not looking good. While Hunter Astley, our charming but damaged protagonist, recuperates, the world is in chaos after The Shadow Witch and her army attacked. While the remnants of the Malleus Maleficarum Council (MMC) and their new allies regroup and prepare for another all out war, Hunter is caught in the middle. Love and secrets threaten both sides, but with anarchy reigning, will humanity survive?

Entry two to the Witch-Hunter series is full of action, suspense and of course, magic. Ms Marsden builds effectively on the mythology and events of the first book, creating, as I said in my other review, a wonderful world to delve into. Having magic in any story creates an unlimited amount of events that can take place, and I found myself, in a sense, on the edge of my seat desperate for answers. The plot flows smoothly, and everything is mostly well paced. I do find the amount of time-jumping throughout a little disorientating, and the severity of some of the crises wear off with the amount of crises happening. But overall, I'm so invested, so interested that I devoured as much as I could, as quickly as I could, and it's a great testament to the author's storytelling abilities.

Characters are also much, much better. Thankfully The Shadow Reigns builds on them perfectly, and I found myself loving the introduction of every new character. One of which is my personal favourite, Ms Marsden... Begins with A... Green eyes... I am not happy. *Sniffles*
Sophie still remains the weakest for me, but perhaps it's because I'm still not connecting with her character, but I get the feeling that'll change with the final entry.

On another note, and the SPOILERY part - so look away now, unless of course you've read it - is... I have a sense you're still reading. I know you are. This is a MAJOR SPOILER, people.

James's death. I did not see it coming, which is an awesome surprise, but the impact of his death is somewhat dulled. There have been too many close, not-sure deaths of the core group, that at first I was positive he wouldn't die at all, and when he did, I felt a little cheated.

But let's bounce back. The Shadow Reigns is a fantastic sequel in a well-crafted and built world. I'm almost salivating at the fact there's more.

I cannot wait to dive into the final entry and learn so much more, so guys, go now, indulge in this series and fatten your brains, it's awesome.

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