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Invisible by James Patterson & David Ellis - Book Review

5/5 Stars

She's the only one who knows he's out there........

Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 399
Chapters: 116
Publisher: Century

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I went into Invisible, written by James Patterson and David Ellis, pretty confident, and that confidence most definitely paid off. Invisible is a fantastic standalone thriller, well, as far as I know it's standalone. Hopefully it is, because with a story this strong, and characters so engaging, it would be hard to top it. But hey, if they do write another, I'll be racing to the shops screaming what most book lovers do: TAKE MY MONEY!! 
Invisible is what you normally can expect from a master writer like James Patterson, it's easy and quick to read, engaging, and will have your pulse permanently set to erratic times ten. But surprisingly, this novel goes beyond the thriller norm. Not in any glaring way, it's subtle, sneaking up on you when you least expect it, it's perfect, and I mean that. Perfectly paced and plotted, perfectly leading the character around twists and turns before finally letting us know we've been on the wrong path all along.

Emmy Dockery is a Research Analyst with the FBI, well, a currently on leave one after her boss sexually harassed her then reported her for the same thing after she refused his advances. But that's the least of her problems. She's convinced that a mastermind, an above average serial killer is sweeping the nation, murdering people, and no one can see it. She's been laughed at, ridiculed for her theories. It doesn't help that her sister Marta is one of this invisible serial killer's victims. But she knows he's there, and above all, she knows she'll catch him. But when you're stranded on your own in the search for perhaps the greatest killer ever, how do you help others see through the lack of proof, how do you catch an invisible killer?

As is standard, Invisible has one helluva thriller plot. The blurb, and my little elaboration above, is only the tip of the iceberg, and by far it is one of both authors most impressive novels. The flow, pace, is perfection. It strolls along smiling at you, and you can't help but trust it as it leads you down dark and twisty alleyways. There is no point at all throughout where my interest faded, no weak scenes that have you begging for some action. And the way it makes you feel. It's as if you are one of the characters. What I find superb is the revelations, the way that you come to the same mind-bending conclusions as the characters exactly when they do. Without being told, without someone holding your hand, you analyse like they do, and when that revelatory detail comes along, your mind clicks. It's one of the best things a reader could ask for, to be so involved.

The group of characters we meet, even the killer, are fascinating. While we follow Emmy along in first person, we also separately follow the killer. Learning about the two of them, while one hunts and the other remains a shadow, is a major highlight. Emmy is tough and stubborn, she never loses her resolve or her faith. Even when the people closest to her tell her she's crazy, she plunges on, confident. Even Books, Sophie - there seems to be a lot of Sophie characters lately in the books I read - and Denny are all solid members of the group, each with his or her own skills that are invaluable.

And the reveal at the end? Wow.

Best. Twist. Ever!

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