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Unlucky 13 by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (Women's Murder Club, #13) - Book Review

5/5 Stars


Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 384
Chapters: 110 (Plus a prologue with three parts.)
Publisher: Century

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The end of a series has come. Well, hopefully not the end, but I've caught up to the most recent release and I'm actually a little teary about it. On the plus side, and likely due to the impending end of this collection of novels, I adore Unlucky 13, a lot. It's awesome, and has taken the top spot on my list of favourite James Patterson books. Before I head into the review, SPOILER WARNING. This post will likely have SPOILERS, and I really don't want to ruin a thrilling read for you guys. Another thing I will say, and it's something I haven't really seen before, but, if you haven't read the book preceding this one, 12th of Never, then please don't read the blurb for Unlucky 13. I don't think it's intentional, but I made the mistake of reading the blurb and there is a massive SPOILER in the description for this entry's predecessor.

Starting off, I'd like to talk about another little thing I've seen in other people's reviews of James Patterson's novels. I mean, it's not really a big thing, but I thought I might weigh in on the discussion. There's a lot of talk about realism, and how some people dislike the book because of its lack of it. In my own little humble opinion, I think the series gets a lot right, but yes, you do have to have some suspension of disbelief to enjoy them. Then again, that really equates to almost every piece of fiction writing out there. You take a story by the way it fits in that story's world, whether it's right or not in the 'real' one. As long as it's not a bumbling mess, then I think it's safe to say accept what you read and enjoy what it gives you. Every book has something to offer, and I try my best to find the good in everything.

Moooooving on. Unlucky 13 keeps up the trend of thrilling and engaging the reader, and there ain't no roof on the authors' ambitions. We're back with Lindsay Boxer, our tough but gold-hearted San Francisco Police Inspector, who has another massive case to tackle. Someone has created 'belly bombs', an explosive pill that has no electronic components, and when eaten by a person, they then proceed to explode. Women's Murder Club to the rescue, right? They would be, only after the cruise Yuki is on is attacked and commandeered by pirates, and Cindy is on the chase for ex-ally Mackie Morales, a cunning serial killer who worked with them, the group is at odds with their own troubles. Will they survive and save the day? Or is it finally time to say au revoir to our lovable club?
If you've read 12th of Never, then you'll see how someone who hasn't would be SPOILED. I sincerely hope those who haven't read it aren't reading this, because you'll miss out on the shock I did. Mackie Morales works for Lindsay and the SFPD in 12th of Never, but is eventually revealed as a sick, psychopathic serial killer, and the blurb for Unlucky 13 tells you that, thus ruining the surprise if you read the blurb like I did. Stupid, stupid me! Ahhhhh!!!!

On the plus side, I love Unlucky 13 so bloody much. As the most recent release it fulfills all my needs as a crime novel. A highly adrenaline-pumping story with a cast of lovable characters and quick, easy-to-read writing that enables you to breeze through it. It's a James Patterson standard, you can't put the books down, and you fly through them, what more can you ask of a writer?
And for anyone just starting out on this series, Unlucky 13 is a good example of showing off strong women. Each of our Women's Murder Club is shown to be heartfelt, but also tough and able to take care of themselves. Character development is sometimes a bit iffy, but for the majority of the time it's believable and warms your little heart.

I really do hope both authors aren't finished with this series, because now that I'm done, I am desperate for a new one, and will be impatiently awaiting the day a new release surfaces.

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