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The 6th Target by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (Women's Murder Club, #6) - Book Review

5/5 Stars

Edition: Paperback
Pages: 434
Chapters: 136
Publisher: Headline

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The good thing about the Women's Murder Club series is that, even when you're doing it in a marathon, there is no chance you'll get bored. The plot to each is exciting and hooks you in, but thanks to the writing style, it's simple to follow and understand. The 6th Target is no exception. I thoroughly enjoyed this instalment, and out of fear of repeating myself, I'll try to write something less repetitive.

The 6th Target continues the trend of blending police procedural with cases handled in court. It has a major Law & Order vibe, something started in book 4, and it's a great part of the series. There are three main plot lines in this novel: A crazed killer attacks and kills people aboard a ferry, and by happenstance, Claire Washburn is on it. After being shot and rushed off to hospital, Lindsay starts a hunt for the killer, with a vengeance. Along with that, Cindy's new apartment building is under investigation when vicious murders start to take place, and it throws her in danger. Meanwhile, at court, Yuki is in charge of convicting the SOB who committed the ferry shooting, only things aren't looking so good when the killer pleads insane.

I am really happy with this book. In previous instalments, members of the club felt like they took a back seat, but with 6th Target, we get to see all the characters involved up to their necks, doing their jobs to the best of their ability, and trying to do the right thing.
With the characters more in sync, it plays their personalties off of one another, really showing us what they're made of, how one might handle something differently than the other. It makes for a much more enjoyable read, and cements the Women's Murder Club back to its finest, all working in tandem to take down the bad guys.

I've already said it, but you guys should definitely check this series out, even if it's just some light reading. I'm pumped up for number 7.

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