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7th Heaven by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (Women's Murder Club, #7) - Book Review

4/5 Stars

Edition: Paperback
Pages: 473
Chapters: 125 (Plus a prologue with two parts.)
Publisher: Arrow Books

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7th Heaven might be one of my most favourite James Patterson books ever (I say that practically every entry). The story is high octane stuff, and the characters are extremely well done and thrilling. It doesn't quite make 5/5 for me though. The characters that are included in the majority of the story are engaging, but one or two of them are extremely underused in this instalment of the Women's Murder Club. Claire Washburn and Cindy Thomas, two of the four prominent characters in the series, are hardly used in 7th Heaven, and having followed their characters through the entire series, I'm disappointed.

The plot is focused on the hunt for a missing governor's son, the trial concerning the 'suspected killer', a pair of serial killers with a fondness for fire, and a personal ordeal for one of the members of the Women's Murder Club. I love Patterson's ability to intertwine a lot of plots all at the one time, but for the past couple books, I keep having the feeling of being overwhelmed by everything that's going on, and once or twice I've had to pull myself from immersion in the book to get things straight again. That aside though, as ever, the story is easy to sink your teeth into, and a joy to read. I'm now on book eight and my love for this series is still as strong as it was when I finished the first book. It's definitely one of those series that you genuinely don't get bored of, leaving you quite happy to jump into the next entry.
The characters are fantastic. The Yuki plot line is exciting and invigorating, adding loads to her character. Our eyes and ears, Lindsay Boxer, is in top form as well, and it's always a joy to read from her perspective. Especially considering what a tough and intelligent police officer she is. What irks me though is the severe under use of two of the series' most beloved characters. Claire and Cindy are almost strangers in this novel. They seem to be doing nothing bar being there. It's a shame, because Cindy's hyper and childlike personality coupled with Claire's motherly and balanced one really work well when they're thrown into the mix with Lindsay's and Yuki's.

Mainly though, the novel is a breeze to read, a great breeze. One I am more than happy to continue with. Also on the plus side is the fact I managed to finish my TBR within half of the month, leaving me room to read some more.


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