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Champion by Marie Lu (Legend, #3) - Book Review

5/5 Stars

Edition: Paperback
Pages: 353
Chapters: 31
Publisher: Penguin Books

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Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!

Finally!! An ending to a YA dystopian that has me joyfully crying with satisfaction! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Champion is fantastic! After Prodigy, which I found wasn't as good as Legend, I started Champion off a little disheartened. How would this series end? Good? Really really bad?
I cannot gush enough. The plot is fantastic, its twists and turns are surprising and all my characters are back. I had my hesitations with them in the second book, but now? I got to go on an unforgettable journey with them.

Firstly, I want to say that some of the things from the second book that coloured my opinion are finished off in Champion brilliantly. I really appreciate it, and it lifts my view of the second book.

On a side note, I was already a mess by the end of the book, but damn! When June tells you Ollie died, I just, I just... No!! I could not stop crying. At all. Nothing affected me that way in the entire book. Nothing. 

The plot for Champion is amazing. Everything finally comes to a head, and Marie Lu executes it all perfectly. It's action-packed, heart-wrenching, and full of positive messages even when surrounded by such darkness. The good guys are lovable, and I feel they returned more to their characters from Legend, rather than Prodigy. The bad guys are vicious, but I love books that have the enemy telling our characters why they're doing something, and most of the time, their reasons aren't so different from the protagonists.

And can we just stop and marvel at Antarctica????? Who doesn't want to go live there? I think its concept is actually a great idea. I mean it's not much different from today, when the majority of people have games consoles with a similar achievement system. Just think how addictive that is and how that could work in real life? Where the world is shadowed by a virtual reality that when you commit good acts, your score and level in the community goes up, and committing bad acts reduces your score, thus determining your role and success in life. So creative.

As I said before, our characters are back. I really don't like most of the characters from Prodigy, especially Day and Tess, and I went into Champion a little biased against Day. At the start, when Day ditches June, but he goes to a bar and picks up this sleazeball who 'reminds' him of June, and they nearly get down and dirty in the alleys???? NO! JUST NO!! I actually hate him at that point. 
But they grow back onto you, all of them. June is still one of my favourite characters ever in a YA dystopian, but Day and Tess climb back up the ranks. I'm even completely wrecked by Day's illness and June's helplessness. I just love June.

Again the writing is fast-paced and full of tension and action, so if you aren't busy with the whole life thing, it won't take you long to whiz through this. Plus if you're like me, and you feel a little disappointed by Prodigy, you will not be disappointed by Champion. Easily my favourite book in the series and I recommend it to you all, even though it's me that's kinda late to the party.

A quote I adore from the book that pretty much sums it up:

'The final fight for the Republic has begun.'

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