Monday, 20 January 2014

Top 5 Book Series I'd Like To Recommend To You

You can't read every book, no matter how hard you try, and trust me, I would love nothing more but to try. But unfortunately there are more books in existence than can fit into our short little life, and while that's a sad and depressing thought, today I'd like to share with you 5 book series I enjoyed and would recommend to anyone. The list varies in genre so even if you don't recognize the series or wouldn't think it's what you would normally go for, they're fun and easy to read. Some of these are my personal favourites, while others I just simply enjoyed and would love to spread to you.

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5. The Divergent Trilogy

These are the books that hold a special place in my heart; the place that propelled me into blogging. They're action packed and interesting with a wealth of interesting characters and a somewhat unique plot. As with most trilogies, the first book is always the best, so I'd give that a try and see how you get on. The world is rich and full of details, and as dystopians go, it ain't the worst.

4. The Hunger Games Trilogy

Yep, with the films and buzz surrounding these books everywhere, they had to come somewhere on my list. Another YA entry, I am ashamed to say it was only up until recently I read this series. And for the most part I absolutely love them. The first and second books are masterpieces of both plot and characters, and while the third is less than up to standards, it's a series you don't want to miss.

3. The Women's Murder Club

And out of the YA we go. This series by James Patterson was one of the first I read when I went into crime fiction. Full of mystery, dilemmas and gritty action, they're perfect for anyone wanting to dip their feet into another genre they're not comfortable with. They're also fast-paced and quick as a breeze, so you won't be lingering on one book for too long.

2. The Harry Potter Series

Ohhhhh. Did you think this would be number 1? While being one of my most favourite series ever, I have one more that I enjoy even more. I know. How is that possible!? This is a series that needs no introduction, and if you haven't heard or read of these, I urge you, come out from underneath your rock or out from your cave and get them. You're missing out on a timeless and magical read, one that will never, ever leave you.

1. The Demonata Series

Anticlimactic, you think? This series by Darren Shan is fantastical. It's mainly a horror series for children, filled with demons and magic and forces of conflicting good. But they're books that have never left my memory, and books that I will always turn back to read again. Again I beg people to give this series a chance, it's always one-upping itself in each entry.

So there you have it. Let me know any book series you would like to recommend :)

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