Thursday, 2 January 2014

My Top 5 Favourite Booktubers

I'm sitting here quite the thing, and it strikes me.

2014 is here.

Then I'm wondering, where the hell did 2013 go?

Is it just me, or did last year come and go before anyone could even think the year 2014?

Well, on the plus side, another year is laid before us, a year to be better and happier than the last.

So on that note, Happy New Year everyone!!!

Today I wanted to do a sort of Top 5 type thing, and I settled on a subject which is of no surprise. Books.
But, I didn't just want to do what my favourite books were of last year, I wanted to base it on something I want to do, but am just far too terrified to attempt. The only thing better than books in the book world, is the people who enjoy them, so I turned my eyes to Booktube. For those that don't know, Booktube is a community of vloggers on Youtube who make videos centred on books.
I guess the name gave it away, huh?

Anyway, I wanted to list my 5 favourite booktubers who are great at it. They inspire, they excite, and they have lots of great tips and recommendations on all things booky.

Number 5 - jessethereader

Jessie comes in at number 5, I really enjoy his videos, he has great recommendations and a happy-go-lucky attitude that makes his videos easy to watch. I'd be surprised if you aren't already subscribed to him, but if you aren't, then you should definitely head over there and do so.

Number 4 - Ariel Bissett

At number 4 is the lovely Ariel. With a bright personality and videos full of content, you'd be a fool not to watch her videos, but in case you aren't (fool), rectify this by heading over there now. I said now dammit!

Number 3 - polandbananasBOOKS

I have never seen anyone get as excited for books as this lovable lady does. It's so contagious that at one point I was terrified she was gonna burst and take her watchers with her. Luckily that wasn't the case, and with limbs still attached, I'll say it again: Go subscribe, watch and be filled with excitement.

Number 2 - Little Book Owl

Nearing the end we have the captivating Little Book Owl. Funny story of how I came across her: I was looking through my recommended videos when BAM, I thought I saw Perrie from Little Mix. So click and went I did and another BAM, and here she is second on the list.

Number 1 - Katytastic

Numero Uno on this list is the first booktuber I ever watched, and instantly it was love at first sight (of her videos people). Kat has the charm, wit and content that anyone who loves books will instantly love her. Not only are her videos full of great books, but there are also inspiring tips and hints on writing and reading.

So I will say it again. If you do not subscribe to these people, do it. Please. For me =(

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