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Legend by Marie Lu (Legend, #1) - Book Review

4/5 Stars

Edition: Paperback
Pages: 295
Chapters: 40
Publisher: Penguin Books

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It took me awhile to get round to it, but I was extremely looking forward to reading Legend. I've heard only good things about it, and can say I am not disappointed. It's fun, fast and action-packed, plus it has a great story.

I always love books that delve into the divide that separates the rich and the poor, the way that people look down on those less fortunate, as if they choose that life willingly. It's unfortunate that this will always be a problem, even as we grow as a species, that divide between the lucky and the poor will always be there. It's a shame, and unfair, but this novel highlights it well. Not only is it heartbreaking, but it also teaches a valuable lesson: No one is in any position, ever, to judge another human being by their wealth.

The plot is equal parts predictable and surprising. June and Day are great characters, both from opposite ends of the money spectrum, they come to realise that whether rich or poor, people are people. The rich aren't these pinnacles of good, and the poor aren't the root of all evil. But in showing that, it also shows that there can be good and evil on either side, and what you fight for matters.

We're plunged into a dystopian world where North America has split into two warring nations, The Republic and The Colonies. June, a military prodigy, and Day, a highly intelligent criminal, both reside in The Republic. We don't really hear much about the Colonies other than that there's a constant battle. But on one fateful night, June and Day's lives are forced together, and the ramifications are catastrophic for them both. The plot is engaging and pulse-pounding, with a lot of action to propel the story forward, making it a quick and easy read.

I also enjoy the characters. They're well-written and unique, interesting to read and learn about. I can't help but roll my eyes at June and Day's relationship to begin with, because, come on, who exactly after minutes of meeting someone drastically wants to run their hands through that person's hair and kiss them? It's not what comes to my mind. Maybe I'm the weird one, though, it's entirely possible. After a while they grow on you as a sort of dysfunctional couple. For me it's because both characters, aside from the standard beauty, are such strong and moral individuals that are easily relatable to, so it isn't surprising that they find themselves attracted to one another.

The book's also fast (repetitive, sorry) and the writing allows you to fly through the story; add in the action, and if you want to, this novel will only take you one sitting. So it's almost like a nice shot of energy, and you're still left with adrenaline that you'll rush into the second one, a lot like I'm planning to do.

I'd be surprised if you haven't read this, but just in case, I really do recommend it to you. It's not going to take you a long time, and even if it's not your type of novel, I promise you'll find something to love in it.

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