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Allegiant by Veronica Roth (Divergent, #3) - Book Review

4/5 Stars

Edition: Hardback
Pages: 526
Chapters: 56 (Plus an epilogue.)
Publisher: HarperCollins

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*SPOILER ALERT - If you haven't read Allegiant, or any of the series, there are major spoilers ahead*

Why, Veronica Roth? Why? Do you hate us that much?

Damn, this must be my eightieth time trying to write this review. When I think back to this book, words disappear and a burning hatred takes their place. Not because the book is bad, no no, but because the end is something many will know as a soul-sucking emptiness. I've seen a lot about the ending for this book, so I know I am not alone in the feeling that we are robbed of the only good thing in this series; oh, side note, this review will contain spoilers. I mostly try and avoid them, but to get into the deep review I want to do on this one, they're needed.

I enjoy this trilogy, with Divergent finally becoming my favourite (it's close between it and Insurgent). The plot in Allegiant takes an expected turn: We find out the meaning of being Divergentand that it really means the same things as it does to begin with. They do not have special powers, they do not end up being that remarkable. What they are, are people who are genetically pure. Way, way back in the day, the government tried to 'fix' humanity, rid them of their misgivings by altering their DNA, fear and selfishness and all the emotions deemed unfit and junk. Buuuuut this had dangerous consequences, people who lost their selfishness also lost their will to survive, people who lost their fear, lost the pause that would stop them running into a losing battle.

So you see, things didn't go well for the government, in fact, the people deemed 'genetically damaged' formed an uprising against the so called 'genetically pure'. Then end of world and society as we know it ensued, yada yada, I'm rambling now, but you catch the drift, if you don't, read the book.

The first half of Allegiant is mostly filler; exposition then exposition, then holy crap, more exposition? I feel this sort of bugs a lot of people, after two action-packed books, the action doesn't really kick in until 3/4 through the novel, so it's hard to struggle through. Bring on the last chunk of the book, and wow. It is stupendously good. The characters each come into their own and Tris is fantastic as a main protagonist. You're loving it, happy she's back to her former self. Cheering her on. Screaming her name. Tris! Tris! Tris! Tris! AND BAM, SHE DIES!!!!!

*Uncontrollable fits of laughter and devastation*

Now almost immediately I thought, ahhhh, nice one, Ms Roth, but I'm not gonna fall for that. Nope, she will be back, and the happily ever after will happen. Now, to her credit, you go on thinking like this, until the chapters stop telling you who's narrating them, you just stay Tobias...

That's when it hits you. I was not happy. You probably will not be happy. But, surprisingly, I feel like, looking back, it's exactly what the book needed for it to go out with a bang. The death of another one of the characters was expected going into the book, so Tris's is a complete surprise.

But no more. I cannot suffer the pain of this talk.

Moving on, I really feel most of the characters complete their growth in this one. They are funny, engaging, and give you the feeling that you're in good hands. And then Tobias comes along. I really like him in the previous books, but as soon as the idiot finds out he isn't really Divergent, he scampers like a little baby. 'Poor me, I am not me any more.' Shut up, Tobias.

The writing is 50/50. While Tris's chapters are well-written and great to read, the Tobias chapters are confusing and have the same feel as Tris's chapters do. It is also really hard to get into the swing of things to begin with, the problem being that Divergent and Insurgent are only from Tris's viewpoint. So bringing Tobias in, who sounds exactly like Tris, proved a huge challenge for me. Eventually though, you realise why Ms Roth does it: Parts of the story that only happened with Tobias needed to be put in there, and I found that, after a while, his voice comes through and you don't notice the similarities as much.

Overall it's a good conclusion to the series, not entirely what I expected, both good and bad, but I read it with anticipation rather than dread. I cannot wait for a new series by Veronica Roth, one that hopefully doesn't lure us in, make us love the main character, and kills them. Please?

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