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I currently have two e-books on offer over on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Wattpad (all for free!).

Fear of God (Trials of Strength Book 1) - FREE on Smashwords, Wattpad and Barnes and Noble!

Lucas Bishop covets his normal, predictable life. So when his father is rushed to hospital and he comes home to his mother lying in a pool of blood, he doesn't think things can get much worse.

He's wrong.

People in the small out-of-the-way town of Greystone have changed. Friends, families, strangers. All start to butcher one another, their sanity and recognition gone and in its place is the desperate need to kill. Thrust into this world with a group of survivors, they will have to navigate it, trapped in town, with no help on the way.

The goal is easy. Survive and escape, but with an enigmatic force behind the town's change, Lucas and the survivors will have to unravel the mystery, all the while staying alive.

The big question isn't whether you can survive.

It's what are you willing to give up to do it?

The first entry in the series sets things up, it's around 150 pages, so it's a quick and action-packed introduction that will hopefully have you needing more.

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Child of Recklessness (Trials of Strength Book 2) - FREE on Smashwords, Wattpad and Barnes and Noble!

They hoped escaping set them free.

They assumed fighting back put them on top.

They thought they had their enemy sussed.

They were wrong.

Lucas Bishop is a wanted man. After the horrors he and his group endured in Greystone, the hope that followed seemed warranted. They were high on success, and a new mission was formed.

Find the people responsible, and destroy them.

But things have changed. The survivors' lives are about to be rocked once again, with forces beyond their sight taking positions.

The new threats test our group to their limits, but in the end, the biggest threat is Lucas himself. He's filled with anger and resentment, and the lines between justice and revenge blur.

Lucas will have to control his emotions.

Or risk leading his new family to destruction....

Book 2 is a little longer at around 238 pages. Which means there's more action and sci-fi-ness available to devour. A lot of things from the first book are put under the microscope, and if you're gagging for answers, you could find them here.

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I hope you guys give them a shot, and most of all, that you find something to enjoy. And what better time to start than when they're free?

House - Free to read over on Wattpad, link below.

HouseSix friends...

One malevolent spirit...

A House buried deep in the woods...

You'd think they'd know better.

House is a short story I'm currently writing, and is still ongoing over on Wattpad. It's a sort of quick, written-and-published-on-the-spot type of work that I'm using to sharpen my ability at writing. So after all is said and done, I'll go over it and see where I'm going wrong. And hopefully, along the way, people will have a fast, engrossing read. 

Wattpad - Check it out here.

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